PACE Goes Beyond Career Based Training

  • Published
  • By Airman Victoria Nelson
  • 157th Air Refueling Wing

A Profession of Arms Center of Excellence leadership seminar was held for Airmen and their families at Pease ANGB May 9 through 11.

Lt. Col. Matt Basler, an Instructor from PACE at Joint Base San Antonio, delivered the three leadership seminars.

Each seminar was specifically tailored to the targeted audiences of senior leaders, junior enlisted and spouses. 

“PACE wanted to go beyond career based training and commanders speeches,” said Basler. “We want to teach Airmen a new approach to learn how to help each other.”

The seminar he delivered was titled Enhancing Human Capital.

Basler said PACE created the course to help the Airmen struggling to balance family constraints, work constraints and the stress of today’s military.

“When we learn to lead ourselves, we learn to lead each other,” he said. “Serving together in this high stress, high demand job we need to look after each other and learn to help one another.”

The seminars focused on self-reflection as a means to better understand how Airmen can become better friends, parents, spouses, co-workers and leaders.

“Every leader needs to learn how to juggle the most important things in their life with being a leader in an operational force,” said Maj. Gen. William Reddell III, the adjutant general of New Hampshire National Guard.

The goal of the seminar was to educate Airmen on effective communication techniques and developing productive, healthy relationships.
Reddell said Guardsmen must focus on maintaining these goals and standards of excellence in family, employment, and the National Guard. 

“We are a community-based force like no other force in the United States,” he said. “If you lose touch with any one of those three things, you lose something as an individual and that affects the whole team.”

PACE encourages Airmen to better themselves to better their Air Force.

“If we learn how to lead ourselves we become better people and better Airmen,” said Basler. “We can have better squadrons, better wings, a better Air Force and ultimately at the end of the day, a better national defense.”