NH Air National Guard - Recruiting and Retention

157th Recruiting Office

Are you looking for adventure? A sense of service? Financial security? As a member of the New Hampshire Air National Guard, you'll gain the discipline and focus it takes to get the most out of your life, and build a career where terms like honor, sacrifice and integrity are everyday terms.


Enlisted Vacancies

157th Wing Staff                                                   Religious Affairs 5R0X1

 Paralegal 5J0X1

 Financial Management Comptroller 6F0X1

 Safety 1S0X1

157th Force Support Squadron                       Services 3F1X1 

157th Maintenance Squadron                         Aircrew Flight Equipment 1P0X1

 Aircraft Fuel Systems 2A6X4

 Aircraft Hydraulics 2A6X5

 Mobility & Flight Control 2A8X2

 Aircraft Metals Technology 2A7X1

 Aerospace Maintenance 2A5X4                     (2 Positions)

 Aerospace Propulsion 2A6X1                             (2 Positions)

157th Civil Engineer Squadron                       HVAC 3E1X1

 Water Fuels & System Maintenance 3E4X1

157th Logistics Readiness Squadron                Air Transportation 2T2X1

 Fuels 2F0X1

 Ground Transportation 2T1X1

 Material Management 2S0X1

260th Air Traffic Control Squadron 
Radar Airfield and Weather Systems 1C8X3

 Air Traffic Control 1C1X1

157th Communications Flight                     Client System Operations 1D751E

Recruiting & Retention Team

Recruiting and Retention Superintendent
Office phone 603-430-3502

Retention Office Manager
Office phone 603-430-3508

Recruiting Office Supervisor
Office phone 603-430-3137

Recruiting Administration
Office phone 603-430-2435

To learn more about the N.H. Air National Guard, contact a recruiter at one of the following telephone numbers.

Manchester, Concord, Plymouth and the North Country
Office phone 603-622-3818
Mobile phone 603-365-9008

Eastern Lakes Region to Seacoast
Office phone 603-430-2466
Mobile phone 603-440-4104

Manchester, Nashua, Keene
Office phone 603-622-3739
Mobile phone 603-828-6765

How to Join

The first step in joining the Air National Guard is to talk to a recruiter. You can do that by calling (603)430-2435!

The ANG recruiting line is available Monday through Friday, 7:00am - 3:30pm to answer your questions about joining the Air National Guard.

Also, you can always request more information so that a local recruiter can contact you.

FT, Active Duty

Full-Time Active-Duty Military Careers
Excel to greater heights with a full-time career in the Air National Guard. Visit the ANG's Military Vacancy Announcements page to find full-time, military, challenging positions.

Human Resources

Welcome to the N.H. National Guard Human Resources Office web portal. This portal was created to help prospective employees, current employees, retirees and supervisors find the information our office provides. If you cannot find what you are looking for or have any questions, contact our office. If you have a GKO account, you can also visit our site by visiting here.

Educational Benefits

Tuition Benefits
Members of the New Hampshire Air National Guard have 100 percent of their tuition waivered to UNH, Keene State, Plymouth State, Granite State and any State of New Hampshire Community College.

For further information on tuition benefits, contact 603-430-2435 to learn more.

G.I. Bill

GI Bill Information (Note: This will take you to an external website)

Air Force Careers

To lean about other Air Force career opportunities, visit the Air Force careers page.