157th Air Refueling Wing - Safety

"Mission First - Safety Always"

The 157th Air Refueling WIng Safety Office provides program management and oversight for ground, weapons and flight safety disciplines at Pease Air National Guard Base.

Safety's primary mission is to help prevent mishaps through comprehensive safety education, mishap investigation and reporting, and to help create a safe and healthy working environment for base personnel. The staff takes pride in imparting premier education and training on safety standards, techniques and tools to maximize sound risk management practices.

In addition, the 157 ARW Safety Office manages vigorous hazard identification and abatement actions to eliminate unnecessary risks in the workplace. This team effort helps wing personnel avoid losses of valuable mission resources and safely train to the highest level of mission readiness.

Office Hours 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Phone: 603-430-2345. After hours call the Command Post at 603-430-2459.

Summer Safety

General Summer Safety Tips

Safety Tip 1 - Do-It-Yourself
Safety Tip 2 - Jet Skis
Safety Tip 3 - Heat and Exercise
Safety Tip 4 - Pool Chemicals
Safety Tip 5 - Camping
Safety Tip 6 - Fireworks
Safety Tip 7 - Personal Protective Equipment
Safety Tip 8 - Stress
Safety Tip 9 - Water Park
Safety Tip 10 - Allergies
Safety Tip 11 - Severe Weather
Safety Tip 12 - Boating
Safety Tip 13 - Lawn Mower
Safety Tip 14 - Scuba Diving
Safety Tip 15 - Drinking and Driving

Critical Days of Summer

Critical Days of Summer Safety Tips

Safety Tip 1 - Grilling Safety
Safety Tip 2 - Trampoline Safety
Safety Tip 3 - Severe Weather
Safety Tip 4 - Scuba Diving
Safety Tip 5 - Fireworks
Safety Tip 6 - Car Travel
Safety Tip 7 - Heat
Safety Tip 8 - Jet Skiing
Safety Tip 9 - Travel Safety
Safety Tip 10 - Camping
Safety Tip 11 - Towing
Safety Tip 12 - Rafting
Safety Tip 13 - Do-It-Yourself Projects
Safety Tip 14 - Drinking and Driving