Dental Clinic

Annual Dental Screening Examination Form

Background: Oral health is vital for force health protection and failure to achieve a standard level of oral health will preclude a member from deploying. Health Affairs Policy Memorandum 98-021 directed the Services to ensure all members of the Selected Reserve undergo an annual dental examination. The justification for this policy is the critical need for the department to have a clear picture of Reserve Component servicemembers' dental readiness and fitness for duty. Dental readiness is a command responsibility. Fitness for duty, to include oral health, is a personal responsibility.

Expectation: All members of the ANG are expected to have a dental examination every 12 months in order to determine a member's dental classification. The classification is documented on a DD 2813 or in the member's Dental record and is the responsibility of the member.

Documentation: The dental screening examination will be documented on the DD 2813, Department of Defense Active Duty/Reserve Forces Dental Examination form and the member is responsible for providing the documentation to the ANG Dental section within 90 days of notification. Please obtain the DD 2813 from your Health Monitor.

The Annual Dental Examination may be obtained through a variety of programs:

1. Civilian Dentist utilizing your civilian dental insurance. You would ask our Dentist to complete the DD 2813 form and hand it into either the MDG or your Health Monitor.

2. Obtain your dental screening examination and DD 2813 form completion through the TRICARE United Concordia Dental Program. The government will not reimburse for any co-payments or other charges associated to the visit the Tricare Dental Program for reservists.

3. Obtain your dental screening examination documented on the DD 2813 through a civilian source, VA center or a dental school. The government will not reimburse any payments associated with the screening examination.

4. Feds Heal program this program allows a member to have a dental examination completed through a government source but in order to contract Feds Heal we would need to have 80 exams scheduled at one period of time and all members would be entitled to 1 non-pay point. Please select this method through your Health Monitor or by contacting the MDG for scheduling. Member classification will not be upgrading until after the completion of the exam.

5. Members in a flying status will be provided a Dental exam through 157th Medical Group.

6. Members who are in an Active status (AGR, or MPA) are provided dental examination through the Portsmouth Navy Ship Yard. Appointments can be scheduled at 207-438-1802.

Failure to Comply: Failure to return documentation will result in a change in dental classification to Class 4 and the member will be profiled on the AF Form 422 as P4T, not worldwide qualified, IAW AFI 48-123 14.17. Failure to Complete Medical Requirements.

Note: Members on P4T for Dental Class 4 are NOT permitted to perform UTA for pay or points.