Second Annual Trunk or Treat

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Victoria Nelson
  • 157th Air Refueling Wing
Loose cobwebs whirled around little feet in superhero boots as dinosaur paws stomped past, crunching all the leaves in their path to the candy bowl.

More than 20 families attended the 157th Airman Family and Readiness Program’s second annual Trunk-or-Treat event Oct. 26 at Pease Air National Guard Base, N.H. The event provided service members with an opportunity to bring their families on base to trick-or-treat and enjoy games and snacks provided by the A&FRP.

“I think this event is a great way to tie families together,” said Master Sgt. Kevin Reiter, administration superintendent from the 157th Air Refueling Wing. “When people get off duty they all go separate ways. This is a great way to bring people back to base with their families and kids and have fun together.” 

The event ran for two hours thanks to twenty service members, who decorated the trunks of their SUVs, vans, pickup trucks, compact cars, fire engines and CE equipment.

The families enjoyed going car to car to visit each spooky, scary and funny trunk.

“I liked the winter wonderland trunk the best because they had toys and a snowball game,” said Avery in her ninja costume.

Staff Sgt. Jonathan Yelle, a controller with the 157th Command Post, said the parents enjoyed the event as much as the kids.

“People really went all out for this,” he said, looking around at the trunks filled with skeletons and purple brains. “I remember driving by last year and I am very glad we all came this year. It’s been such a great event.”

There was also a competition for the best trunk with prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

“There are prizes and pride at stake,” said Reiter, laughing. “You have to have a theme if you want to win. A lot of people gave out candy, my wife made dinosaur poop bags, some people gave out popcorn hands. Last year Sgt. Bailey cheated and gave out toys. That’s how he won.”

The event brought out some friendly, spirited competition but it also provided the families with a safe place to trick-or-treat.

“The kids can go car to car in a safe place during the day,” explained Reiter holding a bowl of candy out to tinker bell. “So they don’t have to worry about traffic or anything like that.”

Trunk-or-Treating was a relaxing and enjoyable opportunity for members to expand their support network and enjoy an afternoon with their families and wingmen.

“I hope the families here build relationships with other service members and their families,” said Tech Sgt. Nicholas Clevinger, Readiness NCO with the 157th ARW. “I also hope they had fun, and feel a sense of pride for being a part of the Pease family.”

As smiling cowboys and tired storm troopers waved goodbye to their new friends, service members felt the positive impact the last two hours of trunk-or-treating made on their whole family.

“Now that the winter carnival is gone, this is one of the only events that service members can bring their kids to on base for fun,” said Reiter. “I think this event is really meaningful to all the families who came out because it shows the kids where we work and kind of what we do. But it also reinforces the feeling that by being in a military family they are part of something so much bigger.”