Service members under the Service Members Civil Relief Act

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Over the next several months the base legal office will be providing information related to some of the more significant rights and responsibilities we have as members of the Uniformed Services under the Service Members Civil Relief Act.

Topic: Can I cancel my cell photo while I am deployed?

A service member in any status, who receives orders to deploy outside of the continental United States for 90 days or more, or for a permanent change of duty station, may request the termination or suspension of a contract for cellular telephone service. This early termination or suspension is permitted under the Service Members Civil Relief Act if the service member's ability to pay their bill or use their service will be materially affected by the move.

To take advantage of this right under SCRA, you must make the request in person or in writing and must provide a copy of your military orders. Upon receiving the request, the cellular provider must (1) grant the request without imposing an early termination fee or reactivation fee; or (2) permit the Servicemember to suspend the contract at no charge until the end of the deployment without requiring that the contract be extended." (50 U.S.C. App. 535a)

Most cellular phone carriers are aware of the law and will not refuse your request. Should your carrier deny your request, the base legal office may be able to help you.

For further information on this and more, contact the base legal office at 603-430-2758 during drill weekends.