Want to become an honorary recruiter?

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An honorary recruiter is a member of the 157th Air Refueling Wing who assists the Recruiting Office by providing names of individuals that would make great members of the wing.

How to become an Honorary Recruiter? If the names provided to the Recruiting Office lead to either three enlistments or three officer appointments within the course of the member's career, the unit member earns an Honorary Recruiter Ribbon. A cluster is also given for every additional three enlistments or officer appointments.

The following unit members are one enlistment or officer appointment shy of earning an Honorary Recruiting Ribbon:

Lt. Col. Diane Roberts, Capt. Sherrie Pierce, Capt. Tori Scearbo, Bonnie Rice, Tech. Sgt. Vinton Wallace, Cief Master Sgt. Josephine Iennaco, Tech. Sgt. Shane Hurd, Staff Sgt. Mark McCassin, Master Sgt. Stephen Shea, Senior Airman Andrew Norton and Senior Airman Ryan Smith are one enlistment short of becoming an honorary recruiter.

To learn more about this program, contact Master Sgt. Mark Bohac at 603-430-3508.