Safety personnel soliciting feedback

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The 157th Air Refueling Wing Safety team is soliciting feedback from Airmen on what are they believe are the top three risks or safety concerns facing them -- on or off duty. Suggestions will be discussed at a wing safety down day scheduled for June 7.

"I'm asking commanders, chiefs and first sergeants to talk to their unit members during drill and provide Safety a list of your group's or squadron's top concerns," said the 157th Air Refueling Wing's Chief of Safety Lt. Col. Jeffrey Denton. "Hazards such as distracted driving, high ops tempo or personal stresses are among the many I hope to see."

Along with the top three safety concerns, Denton asks that organizations provide possible solutions as well.

"The goal is to help identify common trends or risks, especially unidentified risks, that Airmen face and to try and find ways to mitigate these local safety issues," he added.

Denton said the data would be used to help improve the safety environment at the wing and provide targeted and relevant safety training during the safety down day scheduled in June.

To submit inputs, email the 157 ARW Safety at