New mil-pay filing process in place

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Mark Wyatt
  • 157th Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs
The 157th Comptroller Squadron has implemented a new military pay process to submit short tour pay documents that became effective Feb. 6. For orders published earlier than Feb. 6, the process remains as it has always.

"This new process requires members to digitally submit for military pay and travel mileage within AROWS instead of delivering a paper order to Finance for military pay and a local voucher within DTS for travel," said Scott Treadwell, 157th Comptroller Squadron commander. "Now members can kill two birds with one stone from their work section before finishing duty."

To submit orders for pay, complete the following steps:

Step 1: Sit down at a computer on the last day before completing duty, or on the first day of a long tour. This can be a government computer or a home computer with a CAC reader; ANG network access is not required.

Step 2: LOG into the AROWS System - Members who have had an order published in the past will be able to log in. If unable, contact Finance for assistance.

Step 3: Follow the step-by-step instructions to submit the order. Members will recognize these are the same familiar fields from the back page of the orders that are currently completed with a pen. Don't forget to include mileage in there for payment.

Step 4: Submit to a supervisor, which will send to the inbox of a supervisor within a member's organization. The supervisor will approve and then forward to Finance for pay.

"Among the caveats of the new system are that only members are able to initiate, it cannot be done for you by a supervisor or some other member in your chain of command," Treadwell continued. "Additionally, if orders are modified after they were submitted, especially with long tours if the end date changes, a manual submission must take place in Finance to change the date to prevent an over or under payment."

Treadwell went on to say that most orders will follow this process, he did note that if the system doesn't allow the order, assume it must be submitted by paper. For further information or questions, contact Finance at 603-430-3400.

Payment of 105s and roll calls during a unit training assembly, or UTA, or other inactive pay remain unchanged.

"This process has been a long time coming and we hope it will eliminate delays, lost documents, and especially excess time spent in DTS," Treadwell said. "This change allows members to know where their pay submission stands at any given time."

Treadwell understands that there will be growing pains until members are comfortable with the change.

"Orders specialists and resource advisors in your units are familiar with the process and can provide front line help, but of course Finance personnel are available to answer your questions as well and help in any way possible as we go through this transition period," continued Treadwell.

For further information, contact Finance at 603-430-3400.