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  • Happy 67th Birthday U.S. Air Force

    Relentlessly committed to the defense of liberty, the United States Air Force celebrates its 67th birthday today, Sept. 18.The origins of the USAF lie in a decision made just four years after the Wright Brothers conducted the world's first airplane flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.In 1907, the

  • Healthy behaviors in professional settings

    The warm and sunny days of summer are slowly beginning to cool, and are hinting of the approaching fall season. In this month's article another type of cooling will be discussed: Lowering our temperature during times of disagreement or impasse in the workplace. A healthy way to stay cool is to

  • Your role in maintaining a professional, respectful work environment

    Another great summer is in full swing. As we enjoy the beautiful months of August, September and then the fall season thereafter, it is a good time to reflect on relationships that are important in our life; not just close family members but those with whom we interact with on a regular basis.

  • Strong bonds

    With the arrival of summer and better weather we, as human beings, tend to develop lists of things we would like to work on. People will be heard to say; "I have to work on the cottage, work on the garden, work on my diet, work on the pool, work on my tan," and countless other goals that the good

  • Happy Fourth of July

    This Friday we will celebrate our nation's independence with our families and friends. Many of you will spend a long weekend enjoying the summer weather. As you take a well-earned break from the daily grind, we ask you to actively manage the risk associated with your activities, particularly

  • Social media: Unwanted eyes may be watching Airmen, families

    Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr can provide an instantaneous and highly entertaining feedback stream of your daily activities to friends and family. The latest videos of dogs running with fireworks in their mouths, kittens tumbling in the snow or Internet memes of celebrity

  • The difference between Memorial and Veterans Day

    There are lots of reminders out there that Memorial Day is about more than a day off or barbecue. It's also about more than thanking everyone who served or waving flags. The truth is, many people confuse this day with Veterans Day.This day is about one thing -- our fallen warriors.Congress

  • Command chief highlights need for resilience

    Resilience provides the capacity to "bounce back" from a difficult experience. It enables Airmen to keep going when the going gets tough. Therefore, it is important to build resilience into our lives.The four pillars of resilience are physical, emotional, social and spiritual.Physical relates to

  • Relationship healing

    In this month's Psychological Health program article the focus continues to be on damaged interpersonal relationships with emphasis on how to repair damage and improve outlook.You might recall the suggested steps to take when problems develop, to include first admitting that problems exist within

  • 'The four horsemen of apocalypse'

    In this month's psychological health program article, problems that arise in close interpersonal relationships will be the focus of attention as they were in the January article; with an eye toward improving those troubled relationships. As you might recall from that January article four common